The Dorman Preschool Center provides early intervention to children ages 21 months to 5 years. We serve all children including those that have been diagnosed with a disability, show a signs of developmental delay, are at risk in their environment, Dorman Preschool Center Welcomeor it has been determined they can benefit from our programs. They receive services via skilled teachers, assistants, developmental interventionist, therapist and volunteers.

The Dorman Preschool Center was founded and functions on the proven philosophy those children with developmental delays risk not reaching their fullest potential without the earliest intervention. Therefore, the Dorman Preschool Center endeavors to identify these children and provide therapeutic and learning skills to enable them to realize their intellectual, social, and physical abilities at an appropriate developmental level.
Dorman Preschool Center Rainbow Mural
The Dorman Preschool Center also engages their parent/guardians to teach them skills to apply at home to ensure continuity of learning away from the center and to assist in securing additional services, (i.e. social, medical, and educational) providing the child with all aspects of support throughout their development.

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