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The Gift of Memory

Giving a one-time or monthly gift in honor or memory of someone is a great way to honor a legacy while also helping to support our future. Our children are our future and investing in that future is a very worthy cause. Dorman Preschool has a beautiful history that was built by those whose legacy is still very important to us today. When arriving at our building you will be greeted with two plaques that beautifully showcases two important women who played vital roles in Dorman History. 


Etta Coleman dedicated 30 years to Dorman Preschool and helping children. Being a crucial part of the start of Dorman Preschool and its success today, Etta's legacy still lives on and is remembered as our program continues to thrive due to her love, commitment, and leadership in Dorman Preschool's start and foundation. 

Make a donation today in honor of someone special! 


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Mary "Cinderella" Simmons dedicated 20 years to Dorman Preschool and helping children and families in Shelby County thrive. Mary was known by many for her funny personality, practical jokes, and her love and commitment to Dorman Preschool. Mary's legacy is still celebrated amongst our walls today. 

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