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Dorman Preschool Center was founded and functions on the proven philosophy those children with developmental delays risk not reaching their fullest potential without the earliest intervention. Therefore, the Dorman Preschool Center endeavors to identify these children and provide therapeutic and learning skills to enable them to realize their intellectual, social. and physical abilities at an appropriate developmental level.

Our roots..


About The Dorman Preschool Center


Our History..

Dorman Center Preschool is a non-profit 50l (c) charitable, educational agency. The center (then known as Shelby Council for Retarded Children Inc.) began in 1964 serving 6 children with disabilities. The first class was held at 205 9th Street, which was re-opened as our second location, in 2003, serving children until it was purchased by the Shelby County Board of Education in 2012. We continue to serve children with disabilities and at risk and in 2010 we began providing inclusive education; providing preschool and child care for any child aged 6 weeks to 5 years.

Vision Statement

Dorman Preschool Center envisions a future in which staff and teacher are full partners with parents and community; where children’s development is a top priority.

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